Who We Are?

Implementing AI solutions to business processes and departments may seem risky and burdensome to many business operators. Nevertheless, despite still being a relatively unknown topic, it is a step that has to be taken for businesses to be up to date with the contemporary world. This is where our role comes in handy.

At Cosmos Thrace, we enable businesses from the Manufacturing and HR sectors to implement AI Solutions to optimize their business operations. Through our expertise, we adopt those technologies to each customer’s specific needs, requirements, and priorities in an efficient, quick, and affordable manner.

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Companies in the manufacturing sector rely on assembly lines in order to build their products. Therefore, there is no room for unexpected errors during the manufacturing process. This is the point where our expertise comes in handy. Through our AI solutions, we help companies minimize unexpected production failures.

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Human Resources

We believe that AI can immensely contribute in transforming HR operations from recruitment through talent acquisition and retention to self-assessment and training. We can assist you in implementing chatbots for better internal communication, which can lead to greater productivity and increased employee satisfaction. What is more, through automation of the work process you can achieve higher productivity rates and improved customer satisfaction.

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Professional Services

Our expert machine learning engineers have years of hands-on knowledge in various areas of AI services, including data mining, data exploration, machine learning, deep neural networks, plotting, etc. We can offer companies a hand in executing internal projects requiring AI expertise or experience with tools, such as SK Learn, Numpy, Pandas, MySQL, PowerBI, Tensorflow.

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How we work with our clients?

Through our vast experience in different companies throughout the world, we have gathered the best practices regarding the optimization of our workflow.

Therefore, we have created a simple structure through which we approach each individual use case.

Firstly, together with our customers we discover and identify the need.

Afterward, we analyze the business operations, draft the customized solution and identify steps on how to approach it.

Third comes the creation of a Proof of Concept, which tests the credibility of our solution on a smaller scale.

Next is the implementation of the solution in the business process and its monitoring.

Finally, is the improvement stage, which involves constant performance reviews, adapting to changing environments, etc.

Our Core Values

We believe that through Artificial Intelligence businesses can be up to date with the digital world we live in. That is why our team of experts strives to assist companies during their digital transformation and helps them optimize their production processes. What is more, we strongly believe that our employees are our greatest asset and therefore empower them with enough freedom to be innovative, while at the same time support them in their personal and professional development.

Our values shape the culture of our organization and define the character of our company. As a team, we face challenges together and celebrate our success together.

Our people are our greatest asset!

Henry Ford

Coming together is a beginning.
Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success.

Henry Ford

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