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Through our expertise, we create AI solutions for businesses in the HR and Manufacturing sectors that are efficient, customized, and built-in a flash.

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Human Resources

In today’s world progression in business is most frequently bound with technology.

Each sector of a company can be optimized through the use of IT solutions and the HR department is not an exception.

We believe that the time for the digital transformation of the sector has arrived.

Our team has built digital solutions based on Artificial Intelligence that allow you to optimize workflow, recruitment, retention, and most importantly employee satisfaction. Though technology is implemented, we always configure it as an assistant to the human not as a replacement.

Mel Gee Kee, <br> Strategy Director CHRO (Chief of Staff) & Global HR4HR Director, Unilever

One of the tricks is how you bring it all together for a good employee experience because each AI solution addresses a specific problem.

Mel Gee Kee,
Strategy Director CHRO (Chief of Staff) & Global HR4HR Director, Unilever

Here are some of the popular AI scenarios in HR and we believe we will see lot more in the future:

Human Resources

One area of the HR department where AI can be extremely useful is the Recruitment process. This process is often time-bound and consists of repetitive tasks and decisions that have to be made without any bias. At the same time, it accumulates a high quantity of data, which is an important prerequisite for the implementation of AI technologies.

The benefits that AI technologies can bring to the Recruitment process are:

  • Automating the process of writing job descriptions;
  • Optimizing the selection process through automation of CV assessment;
  • Improving company’s internal communication through Chatbots;
  • Assisting with the onboarding process of new employees;
  • Allocation of human resources in the most efficient way;
  • Enhanced training methods for employees;

All of these solutions can in turn increase the productivity of the company, reduce costs, save time and most importantly increase employee satisfaction.


Manufacturing robotic arm

70% of companies are sure that IoT implementation can reduce costs and improve products.


Among different departments in a company, the manufacturing one relies most heavily on technology. Nowadays, electronics are incorporated into almost every machine that is part of an assembly line. Therefore, vast amounts of data are accumulated on an hourly basis that can give very valuable insights regarding the performance of the machine. Moreover, through data analysis predictions can be made about when a machine is about to get broken and reduces unexpected failures or unplanned delays, which in turn reduces costs and improves efficiency.

Intelligent manufacturing is a constantly evolving concept, which can be summarized into three basic categories: digital manufacturing (1st generation intelligent manufacturing), digital-networked manufacturing (2nd generation), and new-generation intelligent manufacturing (Zhou et al., 2018).

However, companies despite, for example, operating in the same sector, always have differences in their production line. This creates the need for a personalized approach towards every client’s need. We at Cosmos Thrace believe that customization is an integral part of AI Solutions and should always be put at the top of the list. When done properly, AI can increase a company’s productivity, optimize processes, reduce costs, save time and decrease delays or production failures. Some of the solutions we provide are Predictive Maintenance, Directed Automation, Product Design, Digital Twins.

IoT can immensely help in areas as Product development, supply chain management, Predictive Repairing, Remote Production Control, Asset tracking, Logistics management & Digital Twins:


The Digital Twins concept is the foundation of every IoT model as it relates to each individual hardware. Through it processes can be made digital. It is basically used for tracking condition and performance of machines from anywhere and can serve as the basis for directed automation and predictive maintenance.

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Our solutions can be easily scaled up or down, in line with your organization’s specific requirements and future needs. We build solutions that work the way your work.

We at Cosmos Thrace believe in continues improvement, reusing components/integrations and follow the industry best practice configuration to improve your business services/processes to increase efficiency, and reduce costs.