Can a Rock and Roll Star be a Junior Python Developer?

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Martin Dimitrov has been in Cosmos Thrace for almost two years and proved to be a unique part of our team. His background and experience might at first sight seem not inline with the background of a typical junior Python developer but that is what makes him stand out of the crowd. 

His ability to commit himself to delivering the best result possible and make everyone in the room laugh have positioned him as one of the most important team members within the company. Moreover, almost two years later Martin and the company are both developing with the same speed and determination.

The journey to becoming part of Cosmos Thrace

“I have played guitar for nearly 10 years and after COVID-19 hit I was wondering what else to do. I decided to enroll in a free course on programming fundamentals and try it out. I haven’t had any passion about it before I started so I just wanted to experiment with it. I started to gain a little bit of knowledge after a few weeks and my interest started to grow. I like it so much that I did it non-stop for 6 months straight for around 20 hours per day.”

At that moment Martin enrolled into two more programming courses that were building on the fundamentals. Although his schedule became quite busy, he was attending all the lectures and completing all the homeworks properly. At that moment, the head lecturer who was overseeing both courses decided to contact Martin and offer him a job opportunity. 

The lecturer connected Martin and Viktor Elevterov with each other. Viktor interviewed Martin, liked his attitude and determination and decided to offer him a job as Junior Python Developer at Cosmos Thrace. 

This was a pivotal moment for Martin and as he explains:

“At the beginning I was scared because during my studies I have done some abstract exercises but not real-world cases. That frightened me a bit but I started anyway. While working for Cosmos I also continued with my studies. So 1 year later I am still here and love it!”  

The current working environment in Cosmos Thrace

“I love the atmosphere here! Everybody is trying to help each other and the company. All the people are working really hard and it may sound like a cliche but it doesn’t feel like working. I am enjoying it. Yeah, sometimes there is a rush and pressure but it is part of the game. Moreover, I feel like as the company grows I am growing with it as well.”

That is how Martin sums up the current working environment within Cosmos Thrace. For him as a junior python developer at the beginning of his career it was very important to have someone to rely on whenever he faced a challenge. Also, he needed people who were not there only to tell him what to do but to push him into finding solutions on his own. In Cosmos Thrace he found the perfect mix of both and looks forward to becoming even more knowledgeable and independent in the future.

The future ahead

“I definitely see myself staying at Cosmos Thrace for the next few years! I have also discussed that with Viktor. I really appreciate everything that the company has done for me – I had basically zero practical experience and Cosmos Thrace hired me and gave me the opportunity to grow and develop. I am very grateful for that.”

At the moment Martin tries out different areas of programming by participating in various projects. His main goal is to develop his generic knowledge and skills in programming and afterwards to specilise in a concrete area. Moreover, parallel with his work Martin continues his studies in order to gain additional knowledge. 

The Rock and Roll life outside Cosmos Thrace

“Music is my real passion. The discipline that I gained from playing guitar helped me a lot when I started studying software engineering. Now, doing them both is a bit hard as they demand a lot of time. I am doing my best though – I am still developing myself as a guitar player. The band where I play we are playing rock and heavy metal music. I am also experimenting with different genres such as jazz and classical music.”

Yeah, as you can see “It’s a long way to the top, if you wanna rock and roll”. Although Martin was faced with a lot of challenges and uncertainties when Covid hit, he managed to make the best of it – start a professional career as a python developer and in his free time do what he loves the most – play guitar and live the rockstar life!

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