You can never be too young to be a software engineer!

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Aleks Milchov has been part of Cosmos Thrace for over a year and a half now. His unique and kind personality, talent, and determination make him a vital part of our technical team. Although he is merely twenty-one years old, he has over 3 years of professional programming experience. He is absolute proof that in […]

Can a Rock and Roll Star be a Junior Python Developer?

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Martin Dimitrov has been in Cosmos Thrace for almost two years and proved to be a unique part of our team. His background and experience might at first sight seem not inline with the background of a typical junior Python developer but that is what makes him stand out of the crowd.  His ability to […]

Ivan Angelinin – The software engineer who is the backbone of our company

Ivan Angelinin is the Chief Technology Officer of Cosmos Thrace and the backbone of our team. He is both a great professional software engineer and an inspiring leader. His background is very interesting as he grew up in a small mountain town in Bulgaria, later went to study in Scotland and Switzerland and had an […]

What do a business analysis career and making desserts have in common?

Anna Kostova has been part of Cosmos Thrace for more than a year and during that time she has proved to be valuable for the well-being of the company! She is currently at the end of her university journey, doing her Bachelor’s in Liberal Arts in Sciences with a Major in Cognitive Neuroscience. Currently, she is […]

From a Student to a Key Member of the Team of Cosmos Thrace

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Dani Matev is a fourth-year student at the Technical University in Sofia, majoring in Computer and Software Engineering. Although he was born and raised in Varna, the sea capital of Bulgaria, his passion for data analysis and Artificial Intelligence inspired him to move to Sofia where is currently pursuing a data analytics career.  The Beginning […]

The journey from Junior to Senior Python Developer – How to start a career in Bulgaria

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Viktor Stankov is a young and friendly individual who is pursuing a career in the field of Software Engineering and is on his journey from junior to senior Python developer. He is currently studying at the Technical University of Sofia and simultaneously working as Business Intelligence Developer at Cosmos Thrace, where he started his professional […]

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