Big Book of Data Engineering: 2nd Edition

Get to know the proven approaches that work in Data Engineering and get motivation from real-life uses cases.

Discover Data Engineering with Cosmos Thrace

Stay ahead in the field of data engineering with one of the most comprehensive and easy-to-read technical guides. Download “The Big Book of Data Engineering” featuring all-new content tailored for data engineers. This eBook addresses key challenges such as implementing complex ETL pipelines, processing real-time streaming data, and applying data governance and workflow orchestration. Benefit from proven best practices, code samples, and expert guidance as you build your next data pipeline. Explore real-life, end-to-end use cases from industry leaders like AT&T, Grammarly, and Rivian.

Download now to learn about:

  • Top 5 tips for performance optimization
  • Building production-ready streaming pipelines
  • Easy data ingestion to the lakehouse
  • Data lineage with Unity Catalog
  • Simplifying change data capture with Delta Live Tables
  • How companies leverage the Databricks Lakehouse Platform for production workloads

Elevate your data engineering capabilities with Cosmos Thrace and Databricks.

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