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Partner with us in your AI projects. The AI field is big enough for all of us!

Strategic Alliences

Having an expertise in the field of AI, we are eager to help other professionals in implementing projects that involve such technologies. Feel free to reach out to us, whenever you face challenges and want to solve them with the help of AI.

Why partner with us?

Partnership enhances, it challenges, it humbles. But most of all it enables progress!

Benefits to be our partner:

  • Trust and Transparency – We belive in establishing long-term relationships with our customers that are built on trust and transparency. With that in mind, our goal is to create a partnership where both partners would be eager to approach challenges together.
  • Growth Opportunities – Growth is in the core of our company. Therefore, when we work together we aim to explore different business opportunities by sharing professional experience in different fields.
  • Shared Resources – We consider sharing resources as an important part of our cooperation. Moreover, through that approach we can achieve better knowledge and build more efficient and cost effective solutions.
  • Giving Room for Learning – We believe in creating better experience for our service partners by giving them the flexibility to learn with us and explore ways of implementing new technologies.

Our toolbox:

  • Data Preparation: Numpy, Pandas, SKLearn
  • Machine Learning Algorithms: SKLearn
  • Deep Learning: Tensorflow, Keras
  • Visualisation: Matplotlib, Plotly, Power BI
  • Natural Language Processing: FastText, Spacy, NLTK
  • API Creation: FastAPI, Falcon, uvicorn, gunicorn
  • Data Layer: MySQL, MongoDB
  • Infrastructure: AWS, Docker, Ubuntu

Our specialists:

  • 2 AI Architects
  • 2 DevOps Architects
  • 3 System Integration Architects
  • 2 DevOps Engineers
  • 6 Data Science/ ML Experts
  • 5 Software Developers
  • 2 Business Analysts

Contact us

We are always eager to assist in projects where AI is incorporated and learn from those experiences. If you are at a stage where you need help with completing such a project, do not hesitate to contact us!