The journey from Junior to Senior Python Developer – How to start a career in Bulgaria

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Viktor Stankov is a young and friendly individual who is pursuing a career in the field of Software Engineering and is on his journey from junior to senior Python developer. He is currently studying at the Technical University of Sofia and simultaneously working as Business Intelligence Developer at Cosmos Thrace, where he started his professional career a couple of years ago.

Being an ambitious student, Viktor decided not to wait to complete his studies in order to find a job. That ambition brought him to our company and as he later found out, Cosmos Thrace is a place for talents to flourish and grow.

The journey to becoming part of Cosmos Thrace

In his second year as a student, Viktor Stankov was looking for an internship opportunity in the IT sphere.

“Viktor Elevterov (the CEO of Cosmos Thrace) found me, interviewed me and offered me an internship. First, I came here, learned Python, then started working on some projects. Since then, I have been here and there, working with different technologies on different projects.”

Although in the beginning he had very basic knowledge of programming languages, this was not an issue.

“I gained most of the programming skills I have since I started working here through onboarding plans, working on actual projects, etc.”

The current working environment in Cosmos Thrace

“First of all, I like the friendly environment within the company. Plus, everyone is always up to help or assist you when you have a challenge. However, the same kind of behavior is expected from you, as well.”

Another positive thing is that we use different technologies and changing projects helps prevent me from burning out. What is more, constantly working on new and different projects keeps me motivated and makes me learn new stuff constantly.”

Viktor is very pleased with the fact that he doesn’t have to go to the office every day. It gives him the opportunity to align work and university schedules so he can be both present at lectures and at the same time work on projects.

The way forward

When joining the company Viktor had high expectations for his future career:

“My expectations were to gain some coding knowledge and some practical experience. However, since then I have learned so much more as I have been working on various projects. I am constantly gathering knowledge from various projects rather than just staying strictly within one field. This definitely changed my thinking and taught me to look at problems in many different aspects for possible solutions. In a nutshell, I definitely feel like I made the right decision with joining CT”

And regarding the future plans for his journey from junior to senior Python developer, he added that:

“Right now I am really happy developing in the BI area. Other than that, I really like doing DevOps tasks. It actually is my favorite thing about my job. I am looking forward to becoming better in that area as well. Overall, I want to expand my knowledge of the technologies that I currently use and also learn new ones.

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