Levels of Autonomous AI Vehicle Guidance

The ultimate goal of Artificial Intelligence technologies is to allow for different devices, such as robots, cars or planes to execute extended sequences of manoeuvres without the supervision or assistance of human beings. Currently, such devices can do simple tasks completely on their own. However, when it comes to more complex ones the challenge is still out there. In order to solve that challenge a guide to AI autonomy was created. Check out the different levels of autonomous AI vehicle guidance in our infographic.

Why is it important to know the different levels of AI automation?

The steps taken for establishing the different levels of Autonomous AI are very simple and logical. The starting and ending points are the amount of human interaction involved in executing the different tasks. In other words, the more human supervision or assistance is needed, the lower the level of AI automation is. This approach allows for 5 different levels of Autonomous Artificial Intelligence in Vehicle guidance to be established. The main purpose for the establishment to those levels is the enhancement of creating legal frameworks covering the newly arising field of self-driving cars. 

The 5 levels of Autonomous AI Vehicle Guidance:

  1. Level 0: Most Decisions are handled by a human being. Only minor ones are automated, such as automatic windshield wipers;
  2. Level 1: More responsible tasks are automated, such as braking but not to a full extent;
  3. Level 2: The human driver is able to fully leave the car to brake, speed, follow other cars on its own but has to be ready to take the wheel at any given moment;
  4. Level 3: The car is able to be fully autonomous at well-defined roads so the human driver may take his eyes from the road and do other stuff. However, in case of not prime road conditions the human should be able to immediately take control of the vehicle. 
  5. Level 4: The car is almost fully autonomous at any kind of road so the human driver can do other tasks. However, there are still possibilities that in the case of not well understood road the car will ask the human to take over.
  6. Level 5: The car is fully autonomous and does not need any support from a human even in critical situations. In other words, the human becomes a passenger rather than a driver. 

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