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Every company produces data in its business operations. Maximizing the use of that insight can result in remarkable process optimization and significant competitive advantage. However, the path to using your data can be a long and complex one as it involves many subprocesses, such as data governance, data architecture, data integration and storage, data migration and management, data warehousing, analytics, and reporting and so on. But don’t let that daunt you. We can help to streamline your digital transformation journey! If you are a company that delivers digital transformation projects and you require support, feel free to take a look at our partnership offerings.

Our Approach

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01 Data Strategy

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A data strategy should be part of every company’s business strategy. It is a plan that aims to improve how your business acquires, manages, stores, shares and uses its data.

We help enterprises to optimize their business processes by utilizing the data they accumulate.

Business Analysis

Our experienced Business Analysts engage with various stakeholders across your organisation to document their requirements and ensure that the project starts with realistic and appropriate expectations.

System and Process Mapping

In short, process mapping is a technique used to visually map out workflows and processes. Our consultants visualize complex data and processes in easy-to-understand mappings of key business and technology processes and interactions.

Solution Design

Regardless of which data solution you decide on, the important thing is to define your needs and design an appropriate foundation early in the journey. Our solution architects work with your team to create a blueprint of your IT system.

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02 Delivery

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Once all data management requirements are clear, we can start with the delivery of the project.

Usually, we would build a custom solution specific to the business specifics of the client.

Database Migration Services

Migration is a process in which data and metadata are moved from a source database to a destination database. After the migration is completed, the destination database becomes the primary database, dependent applications should read and write to it, and the source database can be shut down.

Database Migration Service

There are many reasons for a business to migrate data, for example, a need for more storage space, getting the data closer to the user in order to reduce load time, moving from one server to another, etc. We can help you migrate data from various sources to your preferred database by using ETL best practices.

Storage Migration Services

Modern problems require modern solutions. Moving from Excel generated files to cloud SQLs or moving from SQLs to non-SQL database hosted on the cloud, we can design and implement the best possible storage solution for your needs.

Server Migration Services

Not satisfied with the server solution you're using? Maybe you have some security concerns or just want to try a new one. Whatever the reason, we can migrate your data from one server to another, be it a physical or a virtual one.

Business Intelligence Services

Design and development of end-to-end BI solutions for big data:

Data Storage infrastructure

We can assist you in setting up your storage infrastructure, so that it can integrate data from various systems without harming their performance. It will also be able to handle the huge amount of records your business is generating in a way that makes further processing straightforward.

Processing Pipelines

Data pipelines are crucial for effective business and data analysis. We can assist you in creating a data pipeline to automate the unification, management and visualization of your structured business data.

Reporting (Power BI)

The final step of effective business intelligence is reporting. Once all prerequisites are complete and your data is structured data properly, we can help you produce reports based on the data that is generated in your business operations.

"The proactive approach and continued professional mindset of the Cosmos Thrace team were essential in the creation of the software solution for one of our main accounts. They were able to quickly comprehend our technological challenges and contribute to delivering great value to our customer."
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IT Consultancy

Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial intelligence has the potential to significantly boost business advancement in every industry thanks to its wide range of benefits. AI and data-driven decision-making are reshaping the way companies do business.

Bringing AI initiatives to life can sometimes be challenging. We recognize the roadblocks and apply a clear, robust, and easy-to-implement process.

We also ensure that there is a good balance between business and technology expertise in each project we deliver. This means we can guarantee a fast and transparent process, allowing your business to achieve its full potential.

From day one, I felt not in the role of pushing but in the role of being pulled in executing the project.
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Radomir Rashkov
CEO of Inoxsys

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Software Development

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Smart applications can improve both customer experience and company performance. To achieve this, modern applications must be able to integrate and query multiple data sources.

We create, construct and deliver software with long-term business value – tailored uniquely to your business processes and adaptable to meet future needs. 

Cosmos impressed us with deep technical as well as domain understanding which resulted in a smooth and timely delivery of our B2B Sales Application.
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B2B Sales Agency