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We believe that AI, machine learning, natural language processing, deep learning, data science, and other AI technologies has great potential to automate decisions and optimize business processes.

Free Data Anonymization Tool

"Data is the oil" and data anonymization is equally important.

Everyone remembers the painful data breaches in recent years such as Facebook/Cambridge Analytica, Uber, Equifax... It is important that organizations of all sizes take data privacy seriously and proactively ensure personally identifiable information (PII) is protected. It includes names, family names, addresses, national identification numbers, account numbers, medical records and more.


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If you need to render the data you’re working on anonymous, you can try our free anonymization tool for testing, development or other purposes and you can rest assured that sensitive customer data is not being used and processed unlawfully.Our real-time automated Data Anonymization framework identifies and mask the sensitive data from being viewed by unauthorized users, and retains the realism and functionality of the original data set.

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