Should You Consider Digital Transformation as a Way to Gain Competitive Advantage?

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Many business owners try to figure out how to apply digital transformation amid all the buzz about it. It can take numerous shapes from online payment to labor automation, encompassing concepts like Industry 4.0, Predictive Maintenance and Digital twins. Therefore, a company should aim to implement digital transformation in order to remain competitive and efficient. […]

What Do We Call Business Intelligence?

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Individuals and even businesses have different views of business intelligence (BI). Some claim it has more to do with the visual component, some with the analytical, and yet others with just the attempt to access their data. In fact, the genuine answer to the definition has less to do with technology and more to do […]

Which IoT cloud solution should you choose and why?

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Nowadays cloud computing has become a necessity and it is no longer a question of whether businesses need it or not. Businesses should choose a provider, however, there are various options on the market. The top three that stand out as top three cloud providers are Azzure, AWS, and Google Cloud. But even with that […]

What are the top 5 most lucrative use cases of AI until 2025?

top 5 most lucrative use cases of AI until 2025

With every year, AI and ML become more mature and well rounded. At the same time data quantity and quality grow at breakneck speeds. What does this mean for the future of your business?  We recently got a peak at the forecast for global revenues of different fields of AI (see below). Naturally, this got […]

The rise of Quality 4.0 in Manufacturing

What is quality 4.0

The fourth industrial revolution, sometimes known as “Industry 4.0,” has emerged as a result of recent technological advancements. It’s a revolution fueled by the exponential expansion of disruptive technologies, as well as the changes they bring to the workplace, labor, and markets. In the context of Industry 4.0, the term “Quality 4.0” in Manufacturing refers […]

How to increase executive confidence in AI-assisted decisions

How to Increase Executive Confidence in AI-assisted Decisions

AI-driven solutions are businesses’ key preferences when it comes to optimization. Or is it? Despite today’s businesses’ increasing expenditures on artificial intelligence (AI), the C-suite’s belief in AI may be hit or miss. Is it just that CEOs are wary of a new and unproven technology, or is there anything more to it? Executives have […]

How to Get Returns from AI Investments?

How to Get Returns from AI Investments

Now that the AI buzz has worn off, the technology’s major problems are focused on making profits rather than finding out how to make it helpful. AI can offer great value for many enterprises, thanks to the expanding number of AI professionals and machine learning services. When it comes to AI, however, corporations frequently fail […]

Building a better future: AI and robots in the construction industry

AI and Robots in the construction industry

Despite its key role in creating and adapting the spaces in which we live and work, the construction industry has continued to rely primarily on manual labour, with little to no automation. While there have been many important advances in robotics and AI over the last decade, construction has lagged behind other sectors in introducing […]

How AI and ML can unleash the potential of Manufacturing

AI and ML benefits in manufacturing

In more recent years Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have been on a conquest to change the face of numerous industries, and the Manufacturing industry is no exception.As this sector is the backbone of any economy, it is easy to see why the changes brought on are important to comprehend anyone and why […]

Evaluating Risk Through AI Models in Order to Detect Financial Fraud

Financial risks and AI

Fraud detection is a tough challenge. Fraudulent transactions are extremely infrequent; they account for a small percentage of the total activity within a company. The problem is that without the correct tools and systems in place, a small number of activities can soon develop into severe cash losses. However, AI can be used in financial fraud […]