Evaluating Risk Through AI Models in Order to Detect Financial Fraud

Financial risks and AI

Fraud detection is a tough challenge. Fraudulent transactions are extremely infrequent; they account for a small percentage of the total activity within a company. The problem is that without the correct tools and systems in place, a small number of activities can soon develop into severe cash losses. However, AI can be used in financial fraud […]

AI and E-commerce: Forecasting Sales for Better Planning

AI application in ecommerce

One of the most important variables in predicting long-term business growth is sales forecasting. It largely occupies managers’ time and attention. Unfortunately, sales forecasting has proven as an imprecise art, despite the enormous time spent on researching and analyzing different data. Here comes the role of AI in E-commerce and its numerous possibilities. Read along to […]

How chatbots deliver a better customer experience

Customer experience has always been crucial, no matter what industry you are in. In 2021, out of necessity because of the pandemic, the world has fostered online environments that fully rely on customer experiences. So, how chatbots deliver a better customer experience? It just so happens that 86% of companies have also stated that AI is […]