What are the top 5 most lucrative use cases of AI until 2025?

top 5 most lucrative use cases of AI until 2025

With every year, AI and ML become more mature and well rounded. At the same time data quantity and quality grow at breakneck speeds. What does this mean for the future of your business?  We recently got a peak at the forecast for global revenues of different fields of AI (see below). Naturally, this got […]

AI Powered Optimization for Distribution Centers

350 Distribution Centers in the US and UK participated in an independent research study. The findings?  Most of them use AI in some area of their business, be that in their warehouses or their logistics operations, while over 90% of them want to use AI in their business processes.  However, no beating around the bush, […]

How can AI help in demand forecasting in Supply Chain

What is demand forecasting and why is it important? Demand forecasting is an essential component of the supply chain. It is the process that allows companies accurately to plan and predict the anticipated demand for products and shipments. Demand forecasting methods help organizations avoid inefficiencies, caused by a mismatch in demand and supply and prevent […]

Top 5 Applications of AI in Supply Chain

The top 5 Applications of AI in Supply Chain: In recent years, supply chains have become considerably more challenging to manage due to the constant data flow. The accurate forecasting of demand has a vital role in a business from any category to continue running smoothly and achieve sales and profit growth. Experts have relied […]

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