Manufacturing Cycle Tracking

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In the realm of manufacturing, effective monitoring and evaluation of equipment performance hold paramount importance for operational teams. Thanks to the progress made in Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing, manufacturers now have the capability to amass extensive amounts of sensor and equipment data. Leveraging this wealth of information to gauge productivity offers a decisive edge […]

End-to-end Supply Chain Visibility

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Keeping the right amount of inventory to be able to answer demand is crucial for every business owner. This is even more important for companies in the manufacturing industry. Often among manufacturers streamlining the supply chain processes from end to end can be burdensome and annoying. However, leveraging data in your favor can reduce supply […]

Digital Twins

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The Digital Twins model is a virtual representation of your physical production process. It is used to simulate, predict, and optimize the product and production system, before optimizing the physical assets or processes, continuously updated using real-world data. You can learn more about the concept of digital twins in our article. Moreover, Digital Twins in […]

Product Quality Control

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Companies in the manufacturing sector face various challenges during the production process. Ranging from machine failure to supply chain and logistics, the cases can be countless. But what happens when you put in all that effort, complete the production cycle, and deliver the product only to realize that you still need to meet the desired […]

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