What do a business analysis career and making desserts have in common?

Anna Kostova has been part of Cosmos Thrace for more than a year and during that time she has proved to be valuable for the well-being of the company! She is currently at the end of her university journey, doing her Bachelor’s in Liberal Arts in Sciences with a Major in Cognitive Neuroscience. Currently, she is pursuing a business analysis career.

What led her to take this professional path was her love for helping people become their best selves and the opportunity to do it in a corporate environment.

How did her Cosmos Thrace adventure start?

Actually, two of her former high-school fellow students are already part of Cosmos Thrace. Once Anna decided to start looking for a job Svetoslav and Viktor shared their feedback about working for the company and also told her that there was an open position for a business analyst. 

“I applied, got interviewed, and joined the company once they opened the position. I started with a few of the most basic processes that a company should have, like paid time off, sick leave, and how we operationalize that and then moved on to the more complex processes, such as how things are now and what can be done better, what tools to use, etc.”

How is her Cosmos Thrace adventure evolving?

Anna has proven herself to be an integral part of our team as she is involved with everything from project management to team building. Although she has a lot of different tasks, instead of daunting her, motivates her even more. In her own words: “It is challenging at times because you have to have a lot of intrinsic motivation to strive and figure things out for yourself. However, that doesn’t discourage you from doing your research into areas that are not very familiar to you. At the same time, the freedom we have brings a lot of responsibilities which I do enjoy”

Another thing that makes Anna enjoy her Cosmos adventure is the environment within the team.

“Each employee has a lot of potential. Overall, I feel like we are very creative. We are not a product company and we are very early in our development so there is a lot of room and space for creativity and learning and I feel like that is beneficial for everyone. For me that is very valuable as not many big companies can offer it.” 

How will the adventure continue?

“I see myself staying in the company for the few next years. A goal of mine is to help people and that is why my childhood dream was to become a teacher. However, with my position in the company, I feel like I am helping people just as well in a more professional environment. The environment and my responsibilities definitely live up to what I had envisioned for myself at this stage of my career. That motivates me a lot”

What do a business analysis career and making desserts have in common?

When it comes to life outside work, Anna has a couple of hobbies that she loves. The first one is listening to music, especially alternative rock. She says that this creates a really emotional space for her which brings calm and clarity. 

Anna also loves cooking. While has a lot of recipes up her sleeve what she loves the most is baking desserts.

“My favorite is to bake sweets. I love cookies, muffins, basically, everything that puts a smile on people’s faces.”

In her opinion, baking has a lot in common with her job as they both require a lot of precision and a calm mind. She tries to bring precision from the cooking table to her daily tasks and believes that they complement each other. Moreover, both in cooking and in working at Cosmos, Anna does what she loves – putting a smile on people’s faces 🙂 Learn about our open positions here.

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