Who are we?

We are Artificial Intelligence in action!

We transform companies through AI

Implementing AI solutions to business processes and departments may seem risky and burdensome to many business operators. Nevertheless, despite still being a relatively unknown topic, it is a step that has to be taken for businesses to be up to date with the contemporary world. This is where our role comes in handy.

At Cosmos Thrace, we enable businesses from different sectors to implement AI Solutions and optimize their business operations. Through our expertise, we adapt those technologies to each customer’s specific needs, requirements, and priorities in an efficient and timely manner.

Enable AI in your business

Our Core Values

We believe that through Artificial Intelligence businesses can be up to date with the digital world we live in. That is why our team of experts strives to assist companies during their digital transformation and helps them optimize their production processes. 

What is more, we strongly believe that our employees are our greatest asset and therefore empower them with enough freedom to be innovative, while at the same time support them in their personal and professional development.

Our values shape the culture of our organization and define the character of our company. As a team, we face challenges together and celebrate our success together.

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