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Business Intelligence

We offer design and development of end-to-end BI solutions for big data.

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Data Strategy

Data strategy is a plan that aims to improve all the ways your business acquires, manages, stores, shares and uses its data.

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has the potential to significantly boost business advancement in every industry thanks to its wide range of benefits.

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Data Integration

We can combine data from different sources and bring it together to ultimately provide a unified view.

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Data Modeling

We help you leverage the data you generate to craft strategic digital solutions for your evolving business needs.

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We can help with the visualization of data so it can be useful and informative to business people.

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Every company produces data in its business operations. Nevertheless, utilizing that can result in remarkable processes optimization and significant competitive advantage.

Who we are

We are a team of experts, with a real passion for and experience in the field of Data and Artificial Intelligence.

The phrase “Our people are our greatest value” is the one we live up to.

This is why our team is composed of enthusiastic, hard-working, and dedicated people who are not afraid to face challenges on a daily basis. Some of our team members have gained their experience in internationally recognized companies such as Hubspot.

who are we

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Data benefits for your executive level



Data converted into information provides actionable insights that can guide strategic planning and assessment. We can integrate data from different sources and enable CEOs to get clarity and make cross-functional decisions based on a comprehensive understanding of the organization.



By applying data analytics we can provide accurate, timely, and relevant information that can be used to identify cost savings and new revenue streams and improve financial performance.



We can provide the foundation on which the CTO can build the most appropriate architecture for the business. Our team can help with the backend ETL work and provide advice on the selection of the cloud provider.

Business Development Manager_1

Business Development Manager

Through data, we can help business development managers identify new markets, customer segments, strategic partnerships, and product or service opportunities that can drive business growth.

Marketing Manager_1

Marketing Director

We can assist marketing executives in utilizing data that can help them analyze the effectiveness of various marketing campaigns, channels, and strategies. This allows them to allocate resources more efficiently and optimize their marketing efforts for higher ROI.

Operation Manager_1

Operations Manager

By utilizing your data we can assist your Operations Manager to have an enhanced and informed decision-making process.


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Key Terms in BI Reporting

Business Intelligence has the power to transform raw data into meaningful insights for business growth and efficiency. This allows executives to have a complete view

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Cosmos Thrace is a great partner to work with as their dedication in delivering to meet customer needs is second to none. The entire team from top to bottom is very professional and a pleasure to work with and I can't recommend them enough.
"The proactive approach and continued professional mindset of the Cosmos Thrace team were essential in the creation of the software solution for one of our main accounts. They were able to quickly comprehend our technological challenges and contribute to delivering great value to our customer."
Cosmos impressed us with deep technical as well as domain understanding which resulted in a smooth and timely delivery of our B2B Sales Application.
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