Our Databricks Partnership

Pioneers of the lakehouse category, Databricks combines the best of data warehouses and data lakes to offer an open and unified platform for data, analytics and AI.

As a trusted Databricks partner, we are dedicated to delivering cutting-edge solutions, leveraging the power of the Databricks Lakehouse platform. Our expertise and commitment to innovation enable us to unlock the full potential of your data, transforming it into a strategic asset that drives growth and success. Explore our range of services, and let’s embark on a data-driven journey together.

What Cosmos Thrace and Databricks offer:

01 Databricks Lakehouse Solutions

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We are here to help you implement and scale data engineering, collaborative data science, full-lifecycle machine learning and business analytics initiatives.

Data Sharing

We can assist you to start sharing live data across platforms, clouds and regions with strong security and governance.

Data Governance

We can assist you to seamlessly govern your structured and unstructured data, machine learning models, notebooks, dashboards and files on any cloud or platform

Artificial Intelligence

We can help ML teams to prepare and process data, streamline cross-team collaboration and standardize the full ML lifecycle from experimentation to production.

Data Management

We can unify all data types for transactional, analytical and AI use cases out of the box, with support for streaming and batch operations.

Data Warehousing

We can help you migrate to Databricks SQL (DB SQL) - a serverless data warehouse on the Databricks Lakehouse Platform that lets you run all your SQL and BI applications at scale with up to 12x better price/performance!

Data Egnineering

We can help you automate infrastructure management, while ensuring reliable workflows. Enhance team productivity with built-in data quality testing and best software development practices support.

Data Streaming

We can dramatically simplify your data streaming to deliver real-time analytics, machine learning and applications in one platform.

Data Science

We can help you streamline the end-to-end data science workflow — from data prep to modeling to sharing insights — with a collaborative and unified data science environment built on an open lakehouse foundation.

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02 Our Databricks Certificates

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We have a wide expertise in the Databricks platform. From business analyst experts to technical delivery gigs.

Business Analyst Experts

Migration is a process in which data and metadata are moved from a source database to a destination database. After the migration is completed, the destination database becomes the primary database, dependent applications should read and write to it, and the source database can be shut down.

Sales Ready Expert

Sales Ready Expert

Sales Ready Expert

Technical Experts

Design and development of end-to-end BI solutions for big data:

Data Migration Expert

Data Migration Expert

Data Migration Expert

02 Use Cases

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