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Cosmos & Culture

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Viktor Elevterov founded Cosmos Thrace in 2019 with the aim of making it a place where ambitious business goals, client priorities, and employee aspirations intersect.

Right from the beginning, in our team, we sought to achieve a balance between our clients’ and our colleagues’ vision for the future. This approach makes Cosmos a partner and an employer that builds long-term business relationships and a stable, effective team. We needed to create a “cosmos” where our customers feel understood and supported through technologies – and where team members can find the same quality of care, training and opportunities for their active development. It can be challenging to maintain this balance, but it is a key priority for us and we do not compromise on it!
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Cosmos & Values

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Our values are not empty words; they represent our beliefs, regulate our relationships and ensure the ethics of our business results.
Together with our team members, we created our "Cosmos Culture Code," with the input of our team bringing it to life. The central values that guide us are:

We ride together, we grow together

We strive for an environment that encourages and supports personal growth and development

We add value

Through each of our completed projects we add value to the client and make their business more sustainable

Exciting projects make happy employees

We believe that interesting and exciting projects make happy employees
Happy clients + happy employees = added value and sustainability

Welcome home

We want our company to be the family that you choose. We have a warm and cozy atmosphere and believe these to be of great importance.

We listen

When it comes to important decisions everyone in the team will be heard.

We build trust

We are honest and transparent which we believe is the right path to excellence and mutual trust.

We overcome

We are people of action, therefore, making mistakes is just another stepping stone to success. 

We dare to explore

The only way to succeed is to change and adapt quickly therefore we are not afraid to step out from our comfort zone on a daily basis.

The benefits of working with Cosmos

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Positive work environment

Exciting projects that allow you to focus on technologies and solutions that meet your aspirations

Opportunities to grow

Opportunities to continuously develop or enhance technical skills through practical assignments, certifications, and mentoring, if this is important to you

Effective communication

Communication in a multicultural environment - formal and informal, can give a new perspective, knowledge, and skills

Development plan

An established performance appraisal and development planning process that enables your efforts and results to be recognized and rewarded promptly

Positive and friendly environment

Friendly environment and support from the Cosmos team and leaders

Non-hierarchical structure

A first-hand opportunity to participate in the cosmic development of our business and team

Meet our Cosmos

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Cosmic Careers At Cosmos Thrace

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Cosmos Thrace is a company where many young colleagues started their careers without any experience and, in a short time, proved that with proper support, they could become irreplaceable to our clients. The opportunity of remote working and the flexibility that we provide as an employer have given many students at Cosmos a chance to continue their education and supplement it with invaluable practical experience and knowledge. Our team includes students and people who decided to change their career trajectory and are currently successfully working with various technologies and tools. Of course, this is only possible with our experienced colleagues helping them along the way with technical and business skills and best practices.

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Our open Data management and AI positions

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We are constantly creating new positions due to our growing number of clients and projects. We focus on data management knowledge and skills, business intelligence, and ML/AI; these are the primary skills and experience we seek. Due to the nature of the projects, programming languages such as Python and other knowledge and skills in the field of DevOps are also crucial for us.

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