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Aleks Milchov has been part of Cosmos Thrace for over a year and a half now. His unique and kind personality, talent, and determination make him a vital part of our technical team. Although he is merely twenty-one years old, he has over 3 years of professional programming experience. He is absolute proof that in our area age is just a number and that you should not judge the book by its cover. How the career of this young software engineer is progressing in Cosmos Thrace? Read the rest of the article to find the answer!

How did his Cosmos Thrace adventure start?

Almost a couple of years ago Aleks was still in high school while also working professionally as a software engineer in a big IT corporation. However, he was looking for a new challenge in his career. A challenge that would give him the opportunity to grow not only in terms of technical skills but also in terms of soft and managerial skills.

He stumbled upon a job opening from Cosmos Thrace for a Business Intelligence specialist and applied. After an interview with Viktor Elevterov, the CEO of Cosmos Thrace, it was clear that Aleks was a perfect match for the young and ambitious team of Cosmos Thrace. However, he first started as a React Developer for a software development project within the company.

How is his Cosmos Thrace adventure continuing?

After a few months, Aleks joined another project for a US client of the company. His role was of an implementation specialist. This differed from his past position, however, it enabled him to expand and diversify his skills and knowledge. Currently, he is leading a project for another client of Cosmos Thrace, where a Business Intelligence platform is being developed. 

When asked about the things that Aleks likes the most in Cosmos Thrace, his top reason is the people within the company.

I like the people and the atmosphere a lot. We have versatile professionals in the company and we can all learn from each other’s skills. The biggest benefit is that we are really supportive of each other – whenever I have a difficulty there is someone I can rely on and assist me. This start-up vibe is what makes me love the company.”

How will the adventure continue?

Aleks mentions that he sees a big difference compared to his last company and Cosmos Thrace. This difference is presented in the less stressful and chill internal order within the company:

“My former company was a big corporation and the hierarchical order was very strict and well-established. I had one person above me to whom I had to report and look for support. However, in Cosmos Thrace, I am able to communicate freely with everyone. Moreover, my work and contribution are well more appreciated here. This motivates me to keep working and developing my professional skills.”

Therefore, he sees himself playing a key role for Cosmos Thrace in the next few years. Nevertheless, he feels that he can contribute even more by turning his sight a bit from strictly technical tasks and focusing on managerial duties.

“I want to shift my focus a bit on management. I want to be a team leader and be able to manage the people on the team. My philosophy is that good management skills can make employees independent and can easily progress in their careers and then be supportive of new employees. In Cosmos Thrace, I have the freedom to go after that opportunity and growth path”.

Work hard, play hard

Being one of the funniest guys in the company, Aleks is always in for a party or a weekend barbeque. During team-building activities of the company, he is always the one to look out for. His endless positive energy and desire for good times are qualities that make everyone enjoy his company.

Therefore, at the end of his interview, we asked him to tell a memorable story that he remembers since joining Cosmos Thrace:

“The situation I remember best is when, at one of the team building events organized by the company, we talked about the technologies that everyone is familiar with. However, I was just brought into a new project. During the teambuilding, we discussed my upcoming onboarding in the project with the company’s managerial team in a chill and friendly atmosphere and paved the path forward. That’s the beauty of Cosmos Thrace. We are all united and make our decisions together.”

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