How chatbots deliver a better customer experience

Customer experience has always been crucial, no matter what industry you are in. In 2021, out of necessity because of the pandemic, the world has fostered online environments that fully rely on customer experiences. So, how chatbots deliver a better customer experience?

It just so happens that 86% of companies have also stated that AI is now a key part of their processes.

And even better, 87.58% of the customers say their experience with a chatbot delivered higher satisfaction compared to an agent. 

So, why do customers value chatbots? 

As we’ve said before. No beating around the bush from us. Chatbots are a key part of bettering customer experience these days. While some people desire human interaction when they face issues, most people desire a fast resolution to their questions even more. Chatbots, using NLP tech, have proven to be the saving grace of customers and businesses during the pandemic, when online traffic was higher than ever. 

73% of customers say that valuing their time is the most important thing companies can do to provide them with good customer service. 

Got to go fast!

That is one of the most valued benefits of a Chatbot when it comes to customer experience. 37% of those asked, stated that Getting a quick answer in an emergency is why they use a chatbot. For companies with a massive customer base, or with limited resources, hiring enough staff to provide timely answers to customers is nigh-impossible. Chatbots, however, are the solution to bettering customer experience in this area. 

32% of customers also rely on chatbots to get instant answers to simple questions. 

That is another thing live agents can’t reliably provide – instant answers around the clock.

How important is 24/7 Support? 

64% of customers cited 24-hour support as the top reason they use a chatbot. 

Around-the-clock agent support is expensive for a business, thus harder to get if you’re a customer. But once we get through the easy questions, once the issue seems to be more complex than what AI can handle, a chatbot can seamlessly escalate to a live agent, without wasting time. The chatbot can easily provide the agent with all information gathered from the customer before, during and after their query. This leads to a quicker issue resolution, and to a better customer experience due to cherishing the customer’s time.

Why customer experience matters:

51% of customers will stop buying products from brands that are not offering better customer service. On top of that, live chat has the second-highest customer satisfaction ratings at 85%, just behind phone support at 91%. 

Companies are truly missing out on sales by virtue of not having live chat support and chatbots. So, are you still wondering how chatbots deliver a better customer experience?

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