Our experience at the 8th BBBA Family Fun & Golf Day

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We are very grateful for the invitation to the 8th BBBA Family Fun & Golf Day that was held on 30 September 2023. It was an event to remember and it was organised in style. It felt as if we were in the UK but with the much better scenery of the Bulgarian mountains. 

Scenery at the 8th BBBA Family Fun & Golf Day

What happened at the 8th BBBA Family Fun & Golf Day

Combining business with a family experience is a great way to connect in a more personal way with your colleagues and business partners. BBBA did an excellent job in selecting activities and program that was rich in experience and at the same time relaxing. 

The hosts organized many games for kids of all ages, such as art ateliers and a library corner for the smallest, sports activities for the teenagers and a chocolate house. So, everyone had fun. 

Apart from the main tournament, there were free golf lessons for the adults, mini-golf for kids and test drive of the new Jaguar SUVs.

Meeting people at the 8th BBBA Family Fun & Golf Day

What did we learn from attending the event?

Besides the fun that we had during the event, we were able to expand our network, have insightful discussions and learn more about the different initiatives of BBBA. BBBA is a dynamic professional network providing a platform to facilitate dialogue and business among its members. It works together with other business associations in Bulgaria and the UK creating opportunities for members to connect with countless other potential business partners. BBBA aims to provide a professional environment for business people and individuals who make up the British-Bulgarian business community

We’re looking forward to the next BBBA event – Annual General Meeting 2023

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