Microsoft Power BI reports: 5 of the best options

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Power BI is a valuable tool created by Microsoft to enable businesses to gather, analyze and visualize the data they produce in their daily operations. Nowadays, it is increasingly important for businesses to understand the data they generate to be competitive and optimize costs and resources. This means it is critical to have effective data analytics processes in place. Learn about how we can help you with your data management here.

A huge part of the data analytics process is data visualization. The key aspect of data visualization is the ability to build reports and dashboards based on the different data sources you have. This allows every end-user to be able to read the gathered data and its analysis. Power BI is among the tools used for building reports and dashboards. In this article, we outline five of the best Power BI reports that can serve as an example and an inspiration for building yours. 

What makes these report examples stand out?

The reports generated through Power BI are used by organizations from many industries and departments. For example, a Marketing Manager can track the performance of paid advertising through such reports. On the other hand, a Software Engineer can gain an overview of the version of a program they have developed. Another example is that of a Financial Director who may track the spending of different departments in the company on a monthly or weekly basis. The dashboards we have selected are versatile and at the same time specific to different roles and departments. 

  1. Customer Segmentation Dashboard

This dashboard is the one that is most suitable for B2B businesses. It helps executives visualize both the revenue coming from a client and the profitability of serving those customers. It shows the most profitable and the least profitable clients. Another benefit is that it also gives a view on which specific products are the most appealing to customers and the most profitable. 

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  1. Sales Analysis Dashboard

The Sales Analysis Dashboard is a good visualization for executive management as it compares last year’s sales with the current year’s ones. It can be adjusted to any KPIs that are needed in relation to revenue and profit. In this real-world example, the focus is on different products and regions. It sums up the units sold in each of the active regions, the profitability in each region, and the value of discounts offered.

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  1. Marketing Campaign Insights Dashboard

This dashboard combines the different marketing channels used within a company and the different targeted segments and their effectiveness. It is very useful for Marketing Managers as it allows them to easily see and highlight which activities achieve the best results.

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  1. Finance Analytics Dashboard

These kinds of dashboards can give its users, most commonly Financial Directors, an overarching view of the financial performance of a company. Through the use of core KPIs,s it can be highly accessible for anyone looking to gain an overview of the financial situation of a business in order to make informed decisions. It also allows the analysts to go deep into each of these categories and analyze Financial Performance Indicators.

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  1. Inventory Stock Analysis Dashboard

This Power BI inventory dashboard is one that can be used in many industries, such as retail, FMCG, manufacturing, hospitality, education, restaurants, etc. Inventory management is vital for tracking of goods and stock required to keep a company functioning effectively. Inventory dashboards offer greater visibility of your stock and allow you to manage it in real-time.

This Power BI inventory dashboard provides insights into customers’ product views and inventory. You can also see the most viewed, least viewed, and unviewed top five products. Added to this, it provides a percentage-based classification with total sales of apparel.

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Used effectively, Microsoft Power BI provides businesses with valuable insights to help them become more productive. Get in touch to access expert support with Power BI.

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