Automating Daily Repetitive Tasks for a Leading Bulgarian B2B Sales Agency

The client

Our client is a Bulgarian sales development agency, which helps IT companies generate B2B leads and access new markets around the globe. At the time of the project the company had around 20 employees and it was later acquired by one of the biggest American sales development companies.

The challenge

The client was using a set of cloud applications to automate part of its core processes. This variety required a lot of manual work. The process required a substantial time for transferring data from one tool to another and then organizing everything back together.

From a business point of view this resulted in a lot of man hours being wasted for manual and organizational purposes. The client estimated that they were wasting 50 000 USD/year from the inefficient workflow they were executing. Moreover, those tasks being repetitive were of no joy to the employees, so automating the whole process would bring both more efficiency and satisfaction

In order to enhance its value proposition and make the process more effective and client driven, a new software solution was required. Its main purpose – to enable the management of all cloud applications from one place, automate a large portion of the manual work and provide an easy-to-use interface for the end user.

The Solution:

The client’s team was using over 50% of their time surfing in Excel files and copy/pasting values from one tool to another. On top of this, they were using several cloud tools which had different interfaces and logic.

Our solution integrated all these solutions and combined with the new interface, we managed to reduce the administrative time from 50% to around 20%.

The project was completed in four months: 

  • 2 weeks of requirements gathering before development start;
  • 3 months of development and requirements gathering;
  • 3 weeks of product testing and bug fixing;

The platform we have developed has the following characteristics:

  • storing all the current and historical data
  • managing and governing large amounts of content
  • Flexible integration capabilities
  • A user-friendly interface

The platform’s main purpose is to serve as a place for storing all the data of a campaign and a tool for automating all the steps of running a campaign. Additionally, the platform can showcase statistics for all the required parameters of a campaign. Its interface allows for different personalizations, while the admin can limit the access of users to certain data fields, depending on the role of the user. Furthermore, an email notification is integrated notifying the user for the start or completion of any step in the process. There are many more functionalities related to the platform, such as: Problem Management, Incident Management, Asset Management, Predictive Intelligence, etc. that can be used depending on the challenge that needs to be solved.

The final solution has the following workflow:

We had to address a few problems which can be summarized in two main areas:

  1. Scraping LinkedIn is no easy task as they have a lot of AI bots tracking each session and checking if this is a scraper or a human. If LinkedIn detects a Scraper your account is as good as blocked for a month.
  2. Miscommunication with the client is a problem in almost all projects. To overcome this, we had at least 2 meetings a week so that we could get feedback on a regular basis.

The result:

We have developed an application which integrates all cloud apps used before and allows the process to be managed through a user-friendly interface.

We managed to reduce the time spent on administrative work for each campaign with nearly 30% which was 100% achievement of the initial KPIs.

Moreover, having everything into one platform and reducing the manual work led to minimizing data errors that occur in the processes of transferring sheets from one tool to another and vice versa.

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