From a Student to a Key Member of the Team of Cosmos Thrace

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Dani Matev is a fourth-year student at the Technical University in Sofia, majoring in Computer and Software Engineering. Although he was born and raised in Varna, the sea capital of Bulgaria, his passion for data analysis and Artificial Intelligence inspired him to move to Sofia where is currently pursuing a data analytics career. 

The Beginning of a Collaboration

Dani has been at Cosmos Thrace for a year now and the knowledge he gained from his first-hand experience at the company has strengthened his interest in process automatization and computer science. He is currently working as a data scientist and AI specialist at Cosmos Thrace in order to pursue a data analytics career.

He recalls how a close friend of his, who also worked at Cosmos Thrace, introduced him to the culture of the company and its vision. His interview with the CEO Viktor Elefterov created an instant rapport as they both found a match in their capabilities and beliefs. 

Where does your Inspiration Come From? 

Dani has recently started working on two data science and AI projects. One of them is the preventative measure for machinery breakdowns. The project focuses on building a system of predictive maintenance that predicts the time at which a certain machine might fail in order to prevent this from happening. 

Another interesting project Dani is involved in is a bank transaction classification system where machine learning assigns a category to different bank transactions, for example, food, loan payments, etc. The projects have been engaging so far, helping Dani to apply his theoretical knowledge in practice.

Opportunity for Growth

Dani highly appreciates the opportunity for growth and autonomy provided at Cosmos Thrace. 

“There is no judgmental culture, so if you want to improve, you can. If you want to improve a certain process, even if there is a risk of failure you will be given the chance to grow. This way you can improve both yourself and the company,” shares Dani.

Academic, Professional and Personal Life

Being a student at the Technical University in Sofia and pursuing a data analytics career takes up a lot of Dani’s time. Currently, he is spending a lot of time improving himself as a person. He likes reading self-help books about emotional intelligence and learning more about how the human brain works. In other words – learn how your inside world operates to master the art of building an operational artificial one.

He has also been spotted scribbling on the big whiteboards in the office, where you can find drawings from his favorite movies and illustrations of many internal jokes between the teammates at Cosmos Thrace. Dani believes this is another way in which the company encourages freedom of expression and development.

What Does the Future Hold? 

Dani is striving to further advance his tech team leadership and management skills. 

“I want to improve my management skills and I believe Cosmos Thrace is giving really good opportunities to people like me. I strongly support this as a part of the culture of Cosmos Thrace – to encourage innovation and to allow proactive people,” claims Dani.

He has already managed a team project and has been a scrum master of another. Even though he admits he does not have a lot of experience in that area, the company has given him the chance to find what he enjoys doing, namely being a project manager.

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