Customer Segmentation

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The contemporary sales world demands more and more customer personalization to close a sale. Moreover, customers have become prone to irrelevant cold emails or calls daily. However, data generated by your sales process can come in handy in such cases and give you the details needed to personalize your brand messages and reach the right audiences. So, why even bother with customer segmentation?

Your challenge:

Your products are intended for a specific segment of the market, right? Therefore, they serve to solve a specific need that that segment has. However, how sure can you be that that market segment is right for your product? Or how difficult is it to personalize your product for that specific audience, and more precisely for that specific individual? You often rely on manually gathered data but how accurate and specific is it? Not to mention cost-effectiveness – when wanting to personalize at scale it usually comes with high costs and a lot of manual work hours. 

Our Offering:

Develop sophisticated customer segments to enhance purchasing predictions through behavioral analysis. Utilizing sales data, campaign insights, and promotional systems, this innovative approach facilitates the extraction of multiple features that effectively capture the diverse behaviors exhibited by various households. Constructing valuable customer clusters makes it possible to tailor specific promotions and offers, precisely targeting distinct groups for maximum effectiveness. 

How Databricks helps you:

Together with Databricks, we can build a solution for you that will:

  • Easily know which customers to target
  • Personalize at scale
  • Collaborate and share

Contact us and let us help you build a customer segmentation system that will give you a competitive advantage!

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