Data-driven Decision Making

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We make important decisions daily. However, when it comes to running a manufacturing business such decisions can have immense impact on the overall company state. Therefore, the decision-makers should aim to make the right decisions constantly and this can sometimes be burdensome. Nevertheless, the use of insights from the data that your business generates can nudge you to make the right decision at the right time! So, what impact data-driven decision making can have on your organization?

Your challenge:

Traditionally, companies rely on data to make decisions. However, the process of collecting data and analyzing it is usually manual and time-consuming. Moreover, by the time the data for a selected process is analyzed, that data may be already outdated. Other instances are when simply not relying on technology does not allow you to collect the data, such as in the cases of machinery monitoring where IoT sensors should be installed.

Our Offering:

Enhancing data collection, data monitoring and data analysis processes is the first and most important step to becoming a data-driven company. Moreover, making sense of data to measure productivity provides a crucial competitive advantage. On top of that, we can provide comprehensive and easy-to-read reports that are based on the data that is generated and can be updated in nearly real-time. 

How Databricks helps us:

Thanks to our partnership with Databricks we can realize performant and scalable end-to-end process monitoring to:

  • Incrementally ingest and process data from sensor/IoT devices in a variety of formats;
  • Compute and surface KPIs and metrics to drive valuable insights;
  • Optimize plant operations with data-driven decisions;

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