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The Digital Twins model is a virtual representation of your physical production process. It is used to simulate, predict, and optimize the product and production system, before optimizing the physical assets or processes, continuously updated using real-world data. You can learn more about the concept of digital twins in our article. Moreover, Digital Twins in manufacturing are getting more and more popular. Check out how that model can be beneficial to your company!

Your challenge:

To be at the edge of competitive advantage every single part of your manufacturing process should be constantly optimized. Starting from the supply chain, going through the production line, and ending with product quality management. Therefore, manufacturers need to make sure that when implementing changes in any of those processes, they are making the right moves that would benefit their business. However, making the wrong decision can be quite burdensome for the company and can lead to increased costs, delays in production, or machine failure.

Our Offering:

Virtual representation of your business, such as the Digital Twins model can come in handy in such situations. With modern technologies those models allow you to receive real-time data from your physical production lines, make the desired changes in a virtual environment and see what outcomes will they lead to. If the results are satisfactory to the management team, those changes can be applied in the physical production process. Furthermore, Digital Twins give the freedom to your company to experiment, adapt and overcome in a quick, effective and cost-efficient manner. 

How Databricks helps you:

What is more, we are an official partner of Databricks. With their Solution Accelerator for Digital Twins we can build performant and scalable end-to-end digital twins that:

  • Process real-world data in real-time
  • Compute insights at scale and deliver them to multiple downstream applications
  • Optimize plant operations with data-driven decisions

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