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Product Quality Control

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Companies in the manufacturing sector face various challenges during the production process. Ranging from machine failure to supply chain and logistics, the cases can be countless. But what happens when you put in all that effort, complete the production cycle, and deliver the product only to realize that you still need to meet the desired quality standard? Let us help you implement real-time monitoring of the product quality control system and you will no longer have to worry about such cases!

Your challenge:

As a manufacturer, your end goal is to produce the same product every time. This means that you want to ensure that every single item is of the highest quality at the end of the production cycle. Nothing is more detrimental to a brand than a poor customer review based on the quality of the product. This can lead to a reduction in sales, an increase in production costs and pressure among the different company departments.  

Our Offering:

The good news is that we live in a world driven by data. What that means is that the data that is being generated during your production process can be gathered, structured and analyzed to assure sufficient product quality control. 

We can help you identify the parameters that influence the quality of the production process, collect the data from those sensors, offer real-time monitoring of those parameters and combine all that data in a coherent report. That solution is created custom to your manufacturing process, business requirements and needs. 

How Databricks helps us:

Thanks to our partnership with Databricks, we can leverage computer vision technology to improve product quality monitoring. 

This allows us to: 

  • Implement an end-to-end computer vision pipeline for product quality inspection
  • Build and train deep learning models to classify images and detect product defects
  • Use Databricks Model Serving to deploy models cost-effectively and with optimal performance

Let’s bring your product quality control to the next level through the power of Data and AI! Contact us for more information!

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