Sales Pipeline Consolidation and Reporting

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The modern sales pipeline is a lot more complicated than it used to be 20-30 years ago. Nowadays, retailers rely not only on physical stores for selling their products but also on various digital channels, such as websites, social media channels and so on. Each channel has its role in the sales process and can lead to either raising brand awareness, generating leads or completing a purchase. So, in such time a sales pipeline consolidation and reporting is what your business needs!

Your challenge:

Therefore, capturing the overall customer journey across the sales pipeline proves to be difficult and time-consuming. On one hand, there are physical stores, on the other hand, there are digital channels. Moreover, in those channels, many subchannels and relations should also be tracked and analyzed properly to get an overview of the performance of your sales pipeline. Many companies are consolidating the information of their sales process manually but how much time does it take? And how accurate that information is? 

Our Offering:

Let us help you in your sales pipeline consolidation! We can offer you a custom-built solution that extracts, transforms and loads the data generated from your various data sources. Moreover, we can prepare the data and generate insightful reports based on data analytics. That will result in a full view of your sales pipeline including new leads, sales deals in progress and closed deals. By getting to a such level of understanding of your customer journey you can then adapt your offerings, product characteristics and prices to get the most out of your business opportunities!

How Databricks helps you:

Together with Databricks, we can build a solution for you that will:

  • Rapidly ingest all data sources and types at scale
  • Build highly scalable streaming data pipelines with Delta Live Tables to obtain a real-time view of your operation
  • Leveraging real-time insights to tackle your most pressing sales information needs

Contact us and let us help you build a system that can automatically report to you the key performance indicators that matter to you!

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