Migrating and Synchronizing Data for Effective Business Intelligence

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The Client:

A big international company with many international branches across the globe. It is headquartered in the USA, operates in the biopharmaceutical sector, and has over 25 000 employees. It specializes in the production and distribution of approved drugs and therapeutic biologicals.

The Challenge:

The client wanted to build an integration for their ITSM data from their IT Service Management system to an Oracle database. The challenge was migrating and synchronizing data for effective BI activities such as reporting and analytics. Furthermore, the records shared from one system to the other had to be continually synchronized in different timeframes in order to be current. 

The Solution:

We have estimated two months to deliver the project. The project’s first step was agreeing on certain KPIs such as the number of data tables they want us to share their ITSM data to Oracle, the concrete conditions that would underline the data migration, the frequency of data synchronization, etc.

Once all those KPIs were agreed, we started to build the live feed to Oracle. We did this by sending each data record from one database to the other with the final goal – enabling utilization of that data for future reporting and analysis. 

A challenge that we faced was that once a data record is shared to the new database it becomes static. However, in most of the cases the client needs the incremental data, meaning that if one record is updated or deleted in ServiceNow it needs to be updated or deleted in Oracle as well. Therefore, we configured the data that is updated or deleted in ServiceNow to be synched with the Oracle database. The updates schedule was based on the agreed time periods in the initial KPIs. For this specific case we would sync the data in 3 different timeframes – 6 hours, 12 hours and 24 hours. 

In order to complete the project we relied on the Perspectium DataSync solution. It allowed us to prepare the data, encrypt it and share it to the new database. That tool also allowed us to sync the data at the specified time frames. In order to be able to properly work with the tool and add additional configuration we mainly used JavaScript scripts. 

The result: 

In the end we had migrated the specified data to a new database and established synchronization of that data in the stated time intervals. This allowed the client to operate with that data and utilize it for future reporting and analytics for less costs.

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