Migrating Sensitive Data for a Big Financial Institution

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The Client:

The client in this specific case study was one of the biggest financial associations on the globe. It was created in the Mid 20th century and consists of 5 major international organizations. Its main function is to provide loans and grants to governments of low- and middle-income countries to pursue capital projects.

The Challenge:

The client wanted to migrate their sensitive data from their IT Service Management system to the Oracle database. The challenge here was that they wanted to separate the data into two different databases. They wanted to do it because they had to distinguish the HR data from the non-HR data due to privacy compliance. 

The Solution:

There was a fixed three months term to deliver the project. Firstly, we established the main KPIs, such as what kind of data will be sent to one database and what kind of data to the other, periods for data synchronization, etc. We agreed to send service management, configuration management, and ITSM data to the first Oracle database. All the HR data was stated to be sent to the second Oracle database. 

The process from there on was pretty straightforward. We started by sharing the initial data, then configured the synchronized data according to the KPIs agreed with the client. All of these were done through the use of the Perspectium DataSync tool and JavaScript scripts.

Nevertheless, there were a couple of challenges that we faced during the project. We had to migrate a huge data volume, larger than expected, so we had to find ways to properly divide the data into smaller pieces. Moreover, we had to find a good workaround for sharing the synchronized data because our initial approach was not compatible with the client’s workflows. Therefore, we implemented the most suitable approach for sharing incremental data. Another big part of the challenge was the data cleaning. We had to do a lot of it as there were a lot of special symbols contained in the different data rows. Those symbols had to be removed because they were corrupting the data and ruining the migration. 

The result:

The result was that in the end, our client had the data separated and migrated from the IT Service Management application to two different Oracle databases. What is more, the data was delivered in a state ready to be used for future reporting and analytics.

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