End-to-end Supply Chain Visibility

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Keeping the right amount of inventory to be able to answer demand is crucial for every business owner. This is even more important for companies in the manufacturing industry. Often among manufacturers streamlining the supply chain processes from end to end can be burdensome and annoying. However, leveraging data in your favor can reduce supply chain challenges and keep you on track with your production goals!

Your challenge:

Black Friday is approaching. You know that customer demand is going high but how high exactly? You have to answer to the demand with increased production. But do you have enough inventory? You need to purchase more but do your suppliers have enough stock to answer your demand? And how about shipping costs? Suddenly, it all turns into a nightmare. You still manage to organize everything but at the cost of a lot of time and effort. And you are not fully sure whether it will all work out in the way you want.

Our Offering:

This story might sound a bit harsh but for many manufacturers is often a reality. Nevertheless, do not worry – data is by your side! We can help you establish an end-to-end supply chain visibility process that relies entirely on the data that your business generates. All that data can be turned into insightful real-time reports. So, forget about the boring and time-consuming Excel sheets! 

How Databricks helps us:

Thanks to our partnership with Databricks, we can streamline the supply chain analytics process. By leveraging Databricks Lakehouse, manufacturers can use data and AI to address operational challenges to maintain competitiveness and profitability in the marketplace. With the Databricks Lakehouse for Manufacturing, organizations can:

  • Optimize transportation costs
  • Train models to predict the supply and demand of products
  • Improve distribution network performance

Contact us and let’s create an end-to-end supply chain visibility solution that will bring you to the forefront of innovation!

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